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When George learns about Jerry’s decision, he admits he is annoyed with their behavior, so Jerry gets back together with Sheila. Loading... Laura. She fools herself into thinking that she and Jerry are dating, and when he rejects her advances, she thinks he is breaking up with her to which Jerry is indifferent. Rhode Island at a baseball game and asks her out. The whole ordeal delays Jerry and Bridget’ rendezvous. Pick up some Empire State Building tickets to the Observatory. “I don’t know what to believe! Kramer recognizes Jane’s voice as Erica, a phone sex worker. Holly When Jerry meets his girlfriend Sandy’s roomate Laura, he later tells George, that he intends to try the “switch”. Bridget’s screen time is brief, but she makes the most of it. You’re eating unions, you’re spotting dimes, I don’t know what the hell is going on.”. Here are the top 10 of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends, ranked. When Jerry Seinfeld got "naked" (he actually still had shorts) in the "The Apology" episode of "Seinfeld," Kathleen says the entire set first broke into laughter. Loading... George used to date Nina but Jerry ends up kissing her during an awkward pause. George declares it is impossible: no one in Western history has ever switched a girlfriend for her roommate. Jerry decides that she always looks best at the coffee shop. Forget who he dates? Luckily, Jerry is able to buy Newman’s silence with a Drake’s Coffee Cake. Terms that were coined on the show such as "close talker" and "re-gifter" are still met with a smile even to this day. Here's the definitive list of his top 50 girlfriends ranked #50-#1 with video clips. The eavesdropping woman turns out to be Sharon, a NYU reporter who is waiting to interview Jerry. Donna Chang (real last name Changstein) is a character on Seinfeld whom Jerry dated in "The Chinese Woman"; she is the titular character. But Kramer leaves his lit cigar near some old newspapers, which causes a fire that destroys the cabin. While waiting on the street she is picked up by John F Kennedy Jr., who was outside waiting for Elaine. Jerry Seinfeld is a 66 year old American Comic. (1,306 votes, average: 5.00 out of 10) (1,524 votes, average: 6.64 out of 10) Category:Jerry's Girlfriends | WikiSein | Fandom. He tells Becky that he will do something about the damage but she believes he is the hit-and-run driver but won’t admit it. (1,374 votes, average: 7.74 out of 10) (1,509 votes, average: 7.90 out of 10) reporter who is waiting to interview Jerry. Loading... Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run but realizes that the driver is a beautiful woman and asks her out. She eats cereal, finds all the same things funny, and even has the same initials, JS. While at Monk’s, Duncan protests the race and George turns up, pretending he has not seen Jerry in years, and backs Jerry’s story. Loading... Jerry begins talking about his tan cotton dockers and how much he hates the commercial. Nikki, Season 9 Melissa After dating Angela, Jerry finds out that the car that she hit belongs to Becky Gelke, another woman he has always wanted to ask out. Seinfeld fi . Loading... Jerry starts dating Gillian, attractive woman but she has man hands. Incorrect guesses include Mulva (as in vulva) and Celeste (as in breast). Not long after her stint as Angela Chase's wild sidekick Rayanne Graff on "My So-Called Life," Langer left the halls of Liberty High for the Upper West Side, playing mentor-obsessed Abby on "The Fatigues" (Season 8). All of the Main Cast's Girlfriends & Elaine's Boyfriends. Clarie to express his disgust. Long-term relationships are difficult when you're self involved and hypercritical of everyone you meet. Watch TODAY All Day! Find out here.

. The Truth About Jerry’s Girlfriends On ‘Seinfeld’ December 6, 2020. in Movies. Unfortunately she needs a chaperone and they end up with Kramer. Loading... Jerry dates Nina the artist who paints a portrait of Kramer. They spend all night coming up with a plan to accomplish the switch. (1,254 votes, average: 5.30 out of 10) Kramer encourages him to have sex with her, because he assumes she is probably very flexible. However when George accidentally strikes a water main while digging up the road, he causes an eruption that sends water bursting out of Jenna’s toilet, soaking her in toilet water, causing Jerry to leave. (1,984 votes, average: 7.87 out of 10) The '90s sitcom, now streaming on Hulu, launched the careers of an unthinkable number of future household names. (1,409 votes, average: 7.54 out of 10) We recap them all here. Jerry is interested in Laura but is having a hard time reading her signals. Loading... Jerry dates a female Sergeant, Sgt. Loading... Sandy, (1,340 votes, average: 7.60 out of 10) Rate all your favorites. (1,561 votes, average: 5.49 out of 10) See more ideas about jerry seinfeld, seinfeld, jerry. While at the police station, Sgt. Lucky for her, Kramer helps her with a Festivus Miracle by bringing her and Jerry together during Festivus Dinner at the Costanzas. Jodi Elaine gives Jerry another shot in Season 5, The Mango, when she tells Jerry they must have sex to save the friendship. Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft’, and decides to stake out her office to ask her out. The "Being John Malkovich" actress painted an unforgettable portrait of Kramer in "The Letter" (Season 3). Cindy. When Kramer meets Pam, he does go gaga over her and when he talks to Jerry, he describes all her best qualities and Jerry realizes how great she really is and continues dating her. Jerry had his fair share of "real and spectacular" girlfriends throughout the nine seasons of "Seinfeld," and many of them are recognizable from their starring roles on other shows and movies. Loading... Jerry becomes obsessed with Valerie’s ranking him on her speed dial. The Strike – A Festivus for the rest of Us! She eventually wound up breaking up with him after learning of his wager in the episode “The Contest”. (1,625 votes, average: 8.58 out of 10) At the same time, Abby looks for a mentor and ends up choosing George. Rachel also sees George naked in the Hamptons while changing out of his bathing suit, leaving George feeling short changed. Loading... Jerry learns that Sophie has a secret she calls “the tractor story.” Turns out, she got gonorrhea from riding a tractor in her bathing suit, and she call THAT the tractor story! Undecided, Jerry makes Pam choose between him and Kramer. Loading... Appears in The Invitations & The Foundation. Jerry wants to break up with her, then discovers she lives in the Riverside Park area where ‘The Lopper’. George gets upset that Jerry reneged on the pact they made to change their lives. Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance. You’re eating unions, you’re spotting dimes, I don’t know what the hell is going on.”, (We loved Anna Gunn on Seinfeld so much we thought she deserved her own character spotlight.). Over the nine season run of the show Jerry managed to get around. (1,674 votes, average: 6.55 out of 10) Jeannie prevents Jerry from getting hit by a car. “, I don’t know what to believe! In a later episode Marla learns about “the contest” and leaves Jerry’s upset. Finally she presses him to say her name and Jerry guesses Mulva. Jerry gets annoyed and begins to think that Donna likes it when people mistake her for a Chinese woman. Two years after "Full House" wrapped up, Loughlin played Patty, who made the mistake of giving away Jerry's Knicks tickets ("The Serenity Now," Season 9). Nina, Season 5 Jerry Seinfeld redirects here. George learns this by getting Elaine drunk on schnapps, opening up her vault. Everything comes to a head when Elaine walks into Jerry's apartment, and he's … Dolores and Jerry briefly reunite after he breaks up … Kramer volunteers to chaperone and with his knowledge of Miss America pageants quickly becomes her personal coach. She ends up dumping Jerry, but he’s not bothered because he’s even Steven and everything always evens out for him. Only problem is that Newman of all people becomes aware of the affair and plans to bring Martin up to speed when he comes out of the coma. The "Desperate Housewives" star played Dr. Sara Sitarides, whose career as a dermatologist left Jerry unimpressed ("The Slicer," Season 9). We cataloged all of Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriends in order of appearance below. Scroll down to see if you remember the following actresses from their stints on "Seinfeld.". Loading... //

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