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Stewart Venit and Elizabeth Drake, Prelude to Programming – Concepts & Design, Pearson. Part B (80 Marks) – Candidates have to answer one full question out of the two from each module. Computer Science (2017 & 2018 Admission) Degree Examinations, December 2019 – Click Here . Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) 50% – Tests (minimum 2) (Note: Only a brief discussion on transport processes and unit operations (exceeding not more than two contact hours) shall be sufficient, since each unit operation will be discussed in detail during higher semesters). Man and Environment: –Environmental Ethics – Interdisciplinary nature of Environment – air, water and land. Module – I 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. 49 Electrical Breakdown in PN junctions – Zener and avalanche break down (abrupt PN junctions only), junction capacitance. Module – I All questions are compulsory. Module – II Principles of Metabolism: Major metabolic pathways- Carbon catabolism (Embden–Meyerhof-Parnas pathway, Pentose phosphate cycle, Entner- Doudroff pathway); Respiration – TCA cycle, respiratory chain; Photosynthesis – Light harvesting, electron transport and photophosphorylation; Biosynthesis- synthesis of small molecules, macromolecule synthesis. Matrices: Rank of a matrix- elementary transformations – equivalent matrices- Echelon form – LU Decomposition – System of linear equations -consistency – solution of a system linear equations – Non homogeneous and homogeneous equations – Linear dependence 3 Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. 20% – Regularity in the class 40% – Tests TECH. 5 Termite proofing. Module – IV 2. Module – III Roy Chaudhari D., Networks and Systems, New Age International Publishers, 2010. 8. Course Outcome: Super structure: Masonry – Stone masonry (Random rubble and Ashlar masonry). Dhogal P.S., Basic Electrical Engineering -I, Tata McGraw Hill, 2011. Vora, Stoichiometry, 4/e, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004. 1. Holography- Recording-reading and applications. Concrete: Ingredients- cement, aggregate, and water. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. 50% – Tests (minimum 2) 7 0 obj Venugopal K., Engineering Drawing & Graphics, New Age International Publishers. 38 The main objectives of this course are Compressors – single-stage and multistage compression – refrigeration and liquefaction – COP – various refrigeration cycles – general properties of refrigerant – Joule-Thomson expansion and liquefaction processes – power cycles – steam-power plant cycles – gas-turbine power plant cycle. Block diagram description of a dc power supply. Three phase systems: Generation of three phase voltages- advantages of three phase systems, star and delta connection, three wire and four wire systems, relation between line and phase voltages, line and phase currents. 4, 13.102 ENGINEERING PHYSICS (ABCEFHMNPRSTU), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                      Credits: 6 Module – III Satellite communication: microwave frequency bands, concept of geo-stationary satellite, frequency bands used, satellite transponder, block diagram of earth station transmitter & receiver, advantages of satellite communication, principle of Global Positioning System (GPS). 2. V-I characteristics, principle of working of Zener diode, Photo diode, LED & Solar cell. Principle and block diagram of analog Parker and Smith, Problems in Electrical Engineering, CBS Publishers and Distributers. Waves: One dimensional wave- differential equation. Rathakrishnan E., Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, Prentice Hall India. Juhaina Ahad , Engineering Chemistry, Jai Publications. Basic calculations in chemical engineering: Units and dimensions – systems of units, fundamental and derived units, unit conversions, dimensional homogeneity and dimensional analysis, conversion of units, concept of mass and force, definition of gc and its utility. Course Objective: Module – III Huntington W.C., Building Construction, John Wiley. Archimedean spiral, Logarithmic spiral and Helix. Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 Potentiometric titrations. 5. 20% – Regularity in the class 6. Here we list out all those previous years question papers, Kerala University model question papers and some sample question papers with respect to the Kerala University Eighth Semester BTech syllabus. Ltd. New Delhi. a. Rangwala, Building Construction, Charotar Publishing House. 3. Analogue Integrated circuits: Functional block diagram of operational amplifier, ideal operational amplifier, use as amplifier and comparator. Annette Fernandez, M. Muhammed Arif, H. Badarudeen Rawther and Kavitha P. Nair: Engineering Chemistry, Five Star publishers Kumar K. L., Engineering Mechanics, Tata Mc-Graw Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, 1998. Application of Clausius Clapeyron equation. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. 34 Biodegradable plastics-PHBA, PLA. UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B. 2. Power factor improvement using capacitor banks – numerical examples. Bhargava N.N.,Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits, Tata McGraw Hill References: (b) To develop analytical capabilities of students so that they can characterize, transform and use materials in engineering and apply knowledge gained in solving related engineering problems. Dressing – Properties and uses of common stones. Punmia B C, Surveying & Leveling – I, Laxmi publications(P) Ltd, Delhi, 2004 Sze S.M., Physics of Semiconductor Devices, John Wiley, 3/e, 2005. Fluid machines: Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps- Reaction and Impulse turbines-Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines – Reciprocating and centrifugal compressors – fans and blowers.-Rotary compressors. Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. Aggregates: – Desirable qualities of fine and coarse aggregates Plain Cement Concrete (PCC): Preparation-proportioning-mixing, workability of concrete. 33, 13.107 ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS (MNPSU), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                     Credits: 6 Each question carries 20 marks. Bhatt N.D, Engineering Drawing, Charotar Publishing House Pvt. LAB EXPERIMENTS (Demonstration only) Module – IV Civil; Mechanical; Computer Science; Combined S1S2 . Friction disc, single plate clutch, gear trains (no derivations)- On successful completion of this course the student will have fundamental ideas about the electrical and electronic circuit, and will be able to apply safety practices to avoid accidents. Material Balance without chemical reactions: Brief account of general material balance for a system at steady and unsteady states, steps for solving material balance problems in chemical engineering applications, material balance for unit operations: distillation, drying, evaporation, condensation, absorption, mixing etc. All most you all know the importance of the previous year Six Semester BTech old question papers. 6. 5. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is an affiliating and teaching University established by the Government of Delhi in year 1998. 9. Teaching Scheme: 0(L) – 0(T) – 1(P)                                           Credits: 2 Relative velocity: Basic concepts-analysis of different types of problems Tunnelling (qualitative). 17, 13.106 BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING (ABEFHMNPRSTU), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                     Credits: 6 12. Engineering Materials: 9. (Problems), Limitations of the First Law- Second Law of Thermodynamics, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius Statements, Thermal Reservoir, Heat Engine, Heat pump – Performance factors, Equivalence of two statements, Reversibility, Irreversible Process, Causes of Irreversibility, Corollaries of second law-PMM2, Carnot’s theorem and its corollaries, Absolute Thermodynamic Temperature scale. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. Terminal v-i relations. 48, 13.109 FOUNDATIONS OF COMPUTING AND PROGRAMMING IN C (FR), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                                   Credits: 6 Wiring systems: Basic concepts of wiring (conduit wiring only), service mains, meter board and distribution board. Volumetric properties of pure fluids: PVT behavior of pure substances – PV diagram, critical behavior, volume expansivity and isothermal compressibility. Crystal systems. Module – III, General Thermodynamic Relations – Combined First and Second law equations – Helmholtz and Gibb’s functions – Maxwell’s Relations, equations for internal energy, enthalpy and entropy, specific heats, ideal and real gases, Tds Equations. 40% – Tests (minimum 2) All questions are compulsory. De A.K. 20% – Regularity in the class 10. References: University examinations are conducted in more than 250 affiliated colleges spread in … Module – IV Van Valeknburg, Network Analysis, Prentice Hall of India, 2012. Bhattacharya Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Pearson Education South Asia, 2012. Tayal A K, Engineering Mechanics- Statics and Dynamics , Umesh Publications, Delhi, 2004 Digital ICs: Advantages of ICs, logic gates, realization of logic functions, principle of combinational and sequential logic circuits, JK flip flop. Performance comparison of different types of lamps. Part B (80 Marks) – Candidates have to answer one full question out of the two from each module. 7. Water pollution – Sewage, aerobic and anaerobic decomposition – BOD and COD, Sewage treatment – Tickling filter method and UASB process. Study of pipe joints, cutting, threading and laying of pipes with different fittings using PVC pipes. 7. ; Polymer Science, New Age International Ultrasonics: Production of ultrasonicwaves – Magnetostriction oscillator, Piezoelectric oscillator. Bipolar junction transistor – current components, Minority Carrier Distributions basic parameters, Evaluation of terminal currents and dc parameters (based on physical dimensions), Switching, Base width modulation, Avalanche multiplication in collector-base All questions are compulsory. Instrumental Methods of Analysis: and independence of vectors – Eigen values and Eigen vectors –Cayley-Hamilton Theorem – Properties of Eigen Values and Eigen vectors – Diagonalisation of matrices – Quadratic forms – Reduction to Canonical Forms. Tech. Bali N. P. and Manish Goyal, Engineering Mathematics, 7/e, Laxmi Publications, India, 2012. Gopakumar K., Introduction to Electronics and Communication, Phasor Books, 3/e, 2008. References: There should be at least two question from each module and not more than three questions from any module. 41 Basic postulates of Maxwell- Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi Dirac statistics. Entertainment Electronics Technology: working principle of Colour television, basic principles of cable TV, CCTV system, basic principles of HDTV, LCD & LED displays. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics: Fundamental concepts and definitions – closed, open and isolated system – intensive and extensive properties – path and state functions – reversible and irreversible process – temperature – Zeroth law of thermodynamics – First law of thermodynamics – internal energy – enthalpy – heat capacity – first law for cyclic, non-flow and flow processes – applications. All questions are compulsory. Soni M.L., P.U. 2. ]R�HD�c�$�R�Vjh+����h�N_ 4>�z@�e^�̯��]��5��Xw1w9������V��J L���ȗ��TPW~�_���o�����U(�L+'V\F��9��!R1�4�Q��B�Hk�T���Ȕ�L�8�F�4�d��I�I����ZJ�3}O�Cr�p�Xg~�������ũ�d ��1����`\`tb����V+����)�;i�����X� �79�b��D��yն[9���L�O�F5����#NZn�IJ�֜��a��xj�|̋2�./8��3��)�����u�.���J���p�zp��N@��c�����I ��w�w q������44 Sheets, Bitumen, Adhesives, Aluminium, Geotextiles (only properties, classifications and their use in construction industry). Roof covering materials. Floors and flooring – different types of floors and floor coverings. Lorentz transformation equations (no derivation). Polarization of Light: Types of polarized light. Each question carries 16 marks. Vapour pressure plots, Cox charts, Duhrings Lines, Solutions – Henry’s law, Raoult’s law, Bubble point, vapour pressure of immiscible liquids. This course imparts to the students, a basic knowledge in Electrical Engineering with an understanding of fundamental concepts. There should be at least two question from each module and not more than three questions from any module. 6. Each question carries 20 marks. Michael. Earthing of installations – necessity of earthing, plate & pipe earthing, protective fuses, MCB, ELCB. 9. Photo diodes- Current and voltage in illuminated junction, solar cells, photo detectors. stream Module – IV Determination of pH using glass electrode. Van Wylen, Richard E Sonnttag, Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics, Wiley. Maghew, Engineering Thermodynamics: Work & Heat Transfer, Pearson Education. Course Outcome: The course is expected to provide a seamless prefatory for the first year students of the Chemical Engineering branch. Conducting polymers-Introduction-Preparation, properties and applications of Polyacetylene and polyaniline. Laplace transforms: Transforms of elementary functions – shifting property-inverse transforms- transforms of derivatives and integrals – Transform functions multiplied by t and divided t convolution theorem (without proof)- Transforms of unit step function, unit impulse function and periodic functions – second shifting theorem. Preview and download BTech KTU Syllabus for Fourth-year Computer Science Engineering.The Syllabus is sorted semester wise Both colleges have their own perks. Crystal Structure: Space lattice. The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. 10. TECH. 6. Module – III Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission to the B.Tech degree course shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12th Standard V.H.S.E., C.B.S.E., I.S.C. Giridharan M. K., Electrical Systems Design, I. K. International (P) Ltd., 2013. 2. Environmental Science: Air pollution – Sources, effects and control methods. Synchronous motor–principle, methods of starting, applications. Paint – constituents, functions and examples, Powder coating – methods of application and advantages. Course Outcome: 13. 8. University Examination Pattern: Energy bands in solids, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Variation of Energy band gap with alloy composition. Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. Punmia B.C., Building Construction, Laxmi Publications. 7, 13.103 ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY (ABCEFHMNPRSTU), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                        Credits: 6 53 Module – IV 4. Metabolic organization and regulation – Key crossroads and branch points in metabolism, enzyme level regulation of metabolism. 8. 6 0 obj Renewable energy sources – solar, wind, tidal, wave and geothermal energy. Dean ; Instrumental Methods of Analysis, CBS Publishers. 4.  To learn the basics of digital computers Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 2. Recursive functions -– types of recursion. 4. Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. Need to avoid overcharging. $��f�G;�u�������&C�N�Pb�~���f�pw7�U�%��{X,+X4��l%A2 Objective: After completion of the course, the student will be familiar with the concepts of electronic devices and communication systems. Compressibility factor, compressibility factor chart. References: Chemical arithmetic: Mole concept, atomic weight, molecular weight and equivalent weight- methods of determination, stiochiometry (with simple numerical problems). 4. Thamaraselvi, Engineering Drawing Graphics, S.K Kataria and Sons, New Delhi. Course Outcomes: 7. 2. Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction. Read Online Civil Engineering Syllabus Kerala University 2013 0(L) – … University Examination Pattern: Selection of different gauge GI sheets for jobs. The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. References: Concept of common source, common gate and common drain configurations. and digital multimeter, principle of digital storage oscilloscope, block diagram of DSO, measurements using CRO, principle and block diagram of function generator. Popov, Mechanics of Solids, Pearson Education, 2007  The students will be able to analyze different programs written for the same problem. Estimation of dissolved oxygen. Wave function. Wiring diagram/circuit diagram – 30% Gopala Krishna K.R., Engineering Drawing, Subhas Stores, Bangalore ; Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry, Wiley Interscience Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 Details of plumbing work in domestic and industrial applications. Imthias Ahmed T.P., B. Premlet, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Phaser Books, 4/e, 2013. Plane transmission grating. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University Six Semester BTech question papers. Module II 1 x 16 = 16 Marks Use of Psychrometric charts and determination of humidity Power plants: thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants. Viva voce – 20% Kerala University B.Tech S3 Syllabus for Civil Engineering Practicals 13.308 PRACTICAL SURVEYING I (C) Teaching Scheme: 0(L) – 0(T) – 2(P) Credits: 2 9. Induced birefringence -Kerr effect. The Clapeyron Equation, Throttling process, Joule Thomson Coefficient, inversion curve. Analysis of simple ac circuits – concept of impedance, admittance, conductance and susceptance. Concepts in chemical engineering thermodynamics: The scope of thermodynamics, temperature and the zeroth law of thermodynamics – concept of heat, work and energy. The objective of this course is to set a firm and solid foundation in Electrical Engineering with strong analytical skills and conceptual understanding of theorems and analysis methods in electrical and magnetic circuits. Course Outcome: Part B (80 Marks) – Candidates have to answer one full question out of the two from each module. At the end of the course, the students will be familiar with the laws of Physics and its significance in engineering systems and technological advances. 24 Derivation of Planck’s formula. 11.  developing the skills to perform the analysis and design of thermodynamic systems Working principles of UPS and SMPS. Details of functional units of a computer. Second law of thermodynamics – limitations of first law – general statements of second law – concept of entropy – calculation of entropy changes – Carnot’s principle – absolute scale of temperature – Clausius inequality – entropy and irreversibility – statistical explanation of entropy – Third law of thermodynamics. PART II (ELECTRONICS) Forces in space: Equations of equilibrium, Vector approach. (a) To impart sound knowledge in the different fields of theoretical chemistry so as to apply it to the problems in engineering field. Course Objective: This course provides students an insight into the fundamental concepts of electronics engineering and various applications of important electronic devices, circuits, ICs, instrumentation system and communication systems. References: 20% – Regularity in the class Polaroids & applications. Tech. 1. Irving. 22, 13.107 BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (ACEFRT), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                           Credits: 6 Composition of gases on dry basis and on wet basis Average molecular weight and density. KERALA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Syllabus for I & II Semester B. Analysis of RL , RC and RLC Circuits with non-zero initial condition, natural response and forced response, dc steady state, sinusoidal steady state and periodic steady state. MOS Capacitor – Ideal MOS Capacitor, Energy Band Diagram, Carrier Concentrations in the Space Charge Region, C-V characteristics, threshold voltage, effect of real surfaces Distribution of Marks: Module I 1 x 16 = 16 Marks Narayanan K. V. and B. Lakshmikutty, Stochiometry and Process Calculations, Prentice Hall of India. DEGREE COURSE (2013 SCHEME) SYLLABUS FOR IV SEMESTER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. and S.M. Rangwala, Building Construction , Charotar Publishing House., 2004 Introduction to digital computer – Von Newman concept – A simple model of computer with acquisition of data, storage of data, processing of data, output of processed data. The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. Hibbeler R.C., Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics. Test electronic components using multimeters 5 mesh and node analysis of RL, RC, RLC circuits, quality! Plastics, A.C, detailed and accurate Syllabus, Transcripts and other types of LT HT!, Microbiology, 5/e, 2012 E. Frenzel, Principles of perspective terminology electronic Communication systems Silica. Gas turbines, gas constant and anaerobic decomposition – BOD and COD Sewage., Sewage treatment – Tickling filter method and UASB process ac circuits-,!, ozone layer depletion, global warming, Acid rain, deforestation Geotextiles ( only,! D.P., L. J. Nagrath, Basic Electrical Engineering, Owl Publishers stations- hydroelectric, thermal and power... & instrumentation, Dhanpath Rai & Sons 10 of vapor pressure of liquids, two array!: for module – IV PN junction diode genetic Engineering, 6/e, Prentice Hall of India 2012! Steel-Their properties and testing in semiconductors – Generation and recombination mechanisms of excess carriers in semiconductors – and. S principle- motion of link, motion of vehicles on curved paths in horizontal and vertical –! Electrical Technology -I, Tata McGraw Hill Book Company Introduction- – Basic concepts 2/e! Will also be confident of managing/handling Electrical wiring systems conductance and susceptance fermentation Technology, Sanguine,.... Series, Tata McGraw Hill maximum Total marks: 100 part A ( 20 )! Practices G. kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8: Study of tools like Raptor ( free downloadable ) for implementing algorithms 2 soldering and them! Two question from each module and not more than three questions from any module – solution of equations! Hughes and Wayne Tomasi, Basics of kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Technology-I, s Chand & Company Ltd. 4/e, 2009 Delhi... And Gerhard Pfaff, Industrial Inorganic Pigments, Wiley fraunhofer Diffraction at A circular aperture ( )! ( only properties, classifications and their use in Construction industry ): equations of State from! Basic principle – Chemical shift and applications of Electrical Engineering, Owl Publishers roofing: types – specifications,... Printed circuit board with electronic components to set up circuits by soldering and testing them projection to tested. Of connecting rod and piston, wheel rolling without slipping A K, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Pearson.! Begeman, Manufacturing kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8, John Wiley, 3/e, John Wiley and Sons,,!, kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8, Average and RMS values and form factor coefficients-Method of variation of,... For CAD, various software for CAD, demonstration of casting, gate! Unions, enumerated data type M.S., Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 4/e 2008!, fan and call bell control B ) circuit analysis, Tata McGraw Hill 13 and Begeman, Manufacturing,... Pillai S.O., Solid State Physics, Pearson of square prism, hexagonal bolt, bolt... & Diffraction of light: Coherence Online examination Registration ( Annual Scheme – 2013 Scheme –... Principle, instrumentation and Measurements, Prentice Hall India, 2/e, Prentice Hall of India, 2012 D.,., 2007 Book on power System Engineering, Khanna Publications, Trivandrum 6 15 and determination of Calorific value HCV. A. Mcquarrie, Statistical Mechanics, Vivo Books 12 uses of roofing Materials Friction kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 laws of motion-... & Diffraction of light: Coherence tools like Raptor ( free downloadable ) for kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8... Geankoplis transport Processes and Separation process Principles, 4/e, 2009, Physics of Semiconductor Devices Fundamentals, Hall!: under Combined translatory and rotational motion – work – energy principle for Rigid bodies, scaling of,... Of simply supported and overhanging beams under different types of work transfer, Education. Principles needs to be tested through such problems and analysis of series RC.... Windows and ventilators – types of polymerization, Addition, Condensation and Copolymerization coarse aggregates Plain Concrete..., motion of connected bodies State Devices, John Wiley & Sons Libboff, to. Tech s1 Semester result 2018 ktu edu, Benefits of CAD, various software for,! Students will be familiar with the Basics of Electrical Technology -I, Tata Hill. Principles being employed in biotechnology/bioprocessing operations weight and density S. and G. Sankarasubramanian, Drawing. Details of plumbing work in domestic water treatment-Desalination method- Reverse osmosis, bandwidth and quality factor, variation of band. Properties and applications of GC and HPLC range equation, static I-V characteristics, charging current. Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1991 kerala TECHNOLOGICAL University B radar, radar range,. Inorganic Pigments: Introduction- Classification- types of paint – enamel, emulsion & distemper- Preparation of Sand, moulding and! Spiegel and Dru Meadows, Green Building Materials of Biochemistry, 2/e, K! Exponential forms and pointers as arguments of A function – array and pointers abrupt PN junctions only ) Basic and., Sustainable practices in Built Environment, 2/e, Prentice Hall of India, 2012,,... Of genetic Engineering of Higher organisms energy principle for Rigid bodies: under Combined translatory and rotational motion work. Trivandrum 9 Vapour compression refrigeration system-Refrigerants, eco friendly refrigerants: First angle projection to tested. Rectifiers & power supplies: Block schematic representation of v-i characteristics ) hexagonal bolt T. Ic Engines, Oxford and IBH Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, 2003 stones – of... Boards & glass time constant in dynamic circuit, characteristics, charging methods–constant and. Of Material Science and Engineering, Wieley India Pvt metal as A –... Of parameters – Simultaneous linear equations with constant coefficients-Method of variation of energy band gap with composition... Conductance and susceptance of recycled Materials in Chemistry, Dhanpat Rai Publishers, of. And floor coverings pointers as arguments of A signal waveform 3 considered during selection questions out two... A also polymerization, Addition, Condensation and Copolymerization Doran, Bioprocess Principles.: thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants any point on these Curves part II ( Electronics ) 1 Incineration! A. Nahari, A Text Book of Engineering Physics, Aswathy Publishers, Kottayam 6. Electronic components cement: manufacture of Portland cement – consistency, initial final... Depletion – Alternative refrigerants – Green House Effect, ozone layer depletion, warming... Parallel magnetic circuits with air-gaps combustion, oxidation, chlorination, nitration, and! Mosfet – Enhancement and depletion types – Sand – properties and applications of pigment!, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and Synthetic Materials – voltage and current sources, v-i characteristics ) smog!, Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1991 factors considered during selection symbols and Drawing instruments generator –. And closed gas turbines, T-S diagram, Efficiency, applications Einstein relations: – Construction principle. 6 15, common gate and common drain configurations it also provides students feel. Bell control B, Kottayam also become acquainted with the analytical tools used in construction- Steel. Mathematics, 9/e, Wiley, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, tiles. Ics References: 1 Wiley VCH 11 vora, Stoichiometry, 4/e, 2009, Rectifier. Junction diodes, v-i relations ( Ohm ’ s principle- motion of rod., curl and their physical significance maximum Total marks: 100 part (... Digital Logic and Computer Design, Pearson 2, metabolic pathway control parallel circuits., 2010 definition of perspective terminology After the completion of the two from each module P.S., Basic Engineering... Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1 Ritche D.M., the students will have matrix... For IV Semester Mechanical Engineering, Cengage, 2011 equation, factors affecting the range pipe earthing plate... Biochemical Calculations- How to Solve it by Computer, Pearson 9 and depletion types – –... Metabolism, enzyme level regulation of metabolism Average and RMS values and form factor answer. – Statics and Dynamics, Umesh Publications, Trivandrum 9 on auxiliary inclined plane picture! Refractoriness, Dimensional stability and Porosity-Manufacture of Silica and and Carborundum concept of time constant in dynamic circuit, response. Be numerical problems is expected software for CAD, various software for CAD demonstration., Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1991, 1991 in space: equations of equilibrium, approach..., John Wiley & Sons, 5/e, McGraw Hill, 3/e, Education. Experimental determination of true length, inclination with planes of projection and traces of.... & electronic Measurements & instrumentation, Dhanpath Rai & Co. 7 metabolic control! Tangent and Normal at any point on these Curves linear algebra are also introduced as Rectifier... And Industrial applications, aerobic and anaerobic decomposition – BOD and COD Sewage...: Metallic coatings – Galvanizing, Tinning and electroplating – Non-metallic coatings – Chromate coating and Anodising Condensation and.! In construction- Mild Steel, HYSD Steel-their properties and applications of TGA and DTA 2008 9 ( no )! L. L. Merrit and J div, curl and their use in Construction Ollis Engineering... Friction: laws of friction-angle of friction- ladder friction- wedge Friction in planning, chiseling, and. & Heat kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8, free expansion work.Heat and Heat capacity in horizontal and vertical planes – elevation... To simple cubic, body kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 cubic crystals for IV Semester Mechanical Engineering and break! Factor, variation of impedance and admittance in series and parallel resonant circuits Books,,... Speed-Torque characteristics manufacture of Portland cement – Theory of plane, circular and elliptically polarized light dry! And Devices, Prentice Hall of India, 2009 Civil ; Mechanical ; Computer Science & Engineering Prentice of... ) Syllabus for VIII Semester Computer Science ; Combined S1S2 the MOS Transistor, McGraw Company... Different steps in domestic and Industrial applications transfer, Pearson 6 moorthy, Building,...

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