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With options for all grade levels, these activities will build empathy, encourage acceptance and teamwork, address the value of differences and help students break down cliques and eliminate intolerance. What we will do, however, is to pick a few cultural differences which are shared across most of the Middle East and which are more likely to trip North Americans up when working in the region. UPDATED! Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. First, students are challenged to identify American (or other cultures’) equivalents of 20 Arab proverbs. That’s where these activities come in! Includes a unit/lesson plan, student-centered activities, learning centers, online interactives, all student materials, and more.Unit covers the physical geography of the Middle Ea Students will learn about the religion, clothing, food, economies, language, art/architecture, and every day life of the people l, Fill in the blank vocab quiz with a word bank for these words: agricultural revolution, civilization, monotheism, protectorate, chaparral, poaching, mosque, muezzin, minaret, desalination plant, nomad, trade deficit, trade surplus, autonomy, genocide, nationalism, chernozem, fundamentalism, yurt, de, Students create a powerpoint about a country in the middle east to present to their classmates, Movie guide for globe trekker movie about Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, Students create a cruise around Turkey Cyrus and Iran, Students create a postcard from a middle eastern country, Students create money for a middle eastern country, Students create the front page of a newspaper about events going on in the middle east, Students create a travel brochure for a middle eastern country, Students can cook, sing, dance or create art to show competency in middle eastern culture, Students create souvenir tshirt for a middle eastern country, Students create a celebration for a middle eastern holiday, Students locate important political and physical places in the middle east, Middle East Geography and Culture Webquests, Middle East Word Wall with Activity Ideas - Geography, Culture, Government, BUNDLE | Intro to Middle East Resources | SW Asia & N Africa | Distance Learning, D5107 Middle East (Geography and World Cultures) COMPLETE EBOOK UNIT, Middle East: Arab Culture in Proverbs, Poetry, and Folklore, Culture of the Middle East and North Africa QR Code Scavenger Hunt, Middle east unit geography eastern cultures, Modern Middle East Lectures: Explores all peoples, cultures, and nations, The Middle East | History and Culture Essay, World Geography | History and Culture Essay BUNDLE #DistanceLearningTpT, Middle East powerpoint eastern cultures geography, Culture of the Middle East and North Africa, Middle east vocab quiz eastern cultures geography, Middle east powerpoint creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east Lebanon Syria Jordan globe trekker eastern cultures geography, Middle east cruise eastern cultures geography, Middle east postcard creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east country money creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east Newspaper creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east travel brochure creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east alternate assignments cultures geography, Middle east tshirt creation eastern cultures geography, Middle east holiday celebration creation cultures geography, Middle east maps eastern cultures geography. A 2 minute version edited for INDEX 2009 (http://www.indexaward.dk/) based on the original Carnegie Mellon video and additional media clips from around the w... Use this game to help students memorize the countries that make up the Middle East Region. Population Comparisons. We have reviews of the best places to see in Middle East. Homeschool resources about Middle East, including lessons, worksheets, downloads, and more. 5 Themes of Geography site: http://middleeastgeo.weebly.co, Interactive Word Walls are a fantastic addition to your classroom! The status of women varies widely in the Middle East, and one should not project the norms in Saudi Arabia—one of the most sexist and oppressive states in the region—onto the larger Muslim world. Bright, colorful, and easy to decipher pictures help you introduce, reinforce, and review vocabulary words with each unit! Although moving to the Middle East can be an incredibly positive experience, it goes without saying that adapting to new cultures and ways of doing things can be a challenge. We are often challen, This complete updated InspirEd Educators 98-page ebook unit includes 15 largely single-class lessons teaching about the geography, history, government, and economics of the region. TeachersFirst offers these interactive activities to help students grasp the basic political geography and religious make-up of … Find what to do today or anytime in January. Middle Eastern Dining Etiquette. This is a complete 15 day unit for the study of the Middle East in a Geography or other Social Studies course. The forms that the fertility rites assumed varied from region to region, depending on climate and geography. Bagpipes, guitar, lute, oboe, tambourine, viols, and most zithers have a Middle Eastern origin. Most people–especially in the West–know very little about the Middle East and the people that live there. The specific aspects of the Middle Eastern culture, such as their food, dress, manners, greetings, etc. This set features vocabulary for a world cultures / geography unit over the Middle East. Assignment on the State of Israel. Crossing cultures in the Middle East, with its diversity, takes a lifetime to master. For example, television, radio, and cassettes can be used to carry Islamist ideological lectures as well as rock music. Make Hummus That's Better Than Store Bought - Recipe + Video #inspiredtaste, Can you name the countries of the (arguable) Middle East? Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. Crossing cultures is always a challenge. Bust out the spices and ready the chickpeas—here are our best recipes from the Middle East, from hummus and baba ghanouj to an Azeri lamb stew. This series includes lesson plans and downloadable PowerPoint presentations for lessons on China, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. Terrorism. Mix It Up at Lunch Day presents a great, low-stakes opportunity for students to engage with one another and cross some common social boundaries. Worksheet Idea: What do these proverbs tell us about Islamic culture? Especially after 1950, the rise of Western-influenced commercial popular music affected Middle Eastern art music, which now employs less improvisation and more strict unison between parts, in shorter pieces. With 1.5 billion followers worldwide, the religion of Islam is the second most popular religion over the entire globe, and follows a strict set of rules derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, a messenger of God, or Allah. -Internet It explores major introductory trends in the Modern Middle East with special emphasis on History, Language, ethnicity, and culture. Experience can also lead one to question the idea of what might be called technological determinism. "It was also a message that Beirut will remain the cultural capital of the Middle East and all of the Arab world no matter what." Also included in: BUNDLE | Intro to Middle East Resources | SW Asia & N Africa | Distance Learning, Also included in: World Geography | History and Culture Essay BUNDLE #DistanceLearningTpT, Also included in: Middle east unit geography eastern cultures. But how do you get them to that moment, and what do you do afterward? This is a set of pdf slides that can be used as a PowerPoint or Nearpod Presentation. The distribution of the population varies widely. to be successful, students must have access to: Please downloa, Have your students self discover the culture traits of the Middle East by using this safe website. Desert Fever. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, These webquests will take your students on a safe journey through the geography and culture of the Middle East. This lecture slide show is perfect for use in a Global Communities/Geography/History course. When working with expats relocating to the Middle East, there are some common cultural adjustments that … Test your knowledge on this geography quiz and compare your score to others. The Middle East is as culturally diverse as the USA, which makes it difficult to talk about Middle Eastern culture as something homogenous. This is a complete 15 day unit for the study of the Middle East in a Geography or other Social Studies course. The free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both png and vector. Geography: An Ancient and Modern Crossroads (M,O,T) PBS lesson about the Middle East. Topics include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, terrorism, governments, economies, and much, much more. Travel Tip: Ditch those Western ways! Until further notice, the University of Arizona, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, encourages all employees to work remotely. In the Middle East, time is an open-ended concept. Oct 23, 2020 - Explore Seemi Trillium Montessori's board "Unit: Asia", followed by 18296 people on Pinterest. •Show traditional Middle Eastern customs by setting up an imaginary dinner table and discussion. UPDATED! Each slide has descriptive pictures along with text to both visually and textually explain to the students the overall culture of those living and residing in the Middle East. We spoke with Everyday Middle East’s founder, Lindsay Mackenzie, about the continuing goals of the project: replacing monolithic reporting with a more well-rounded, realistic reflection of “everyday” life across the region and, in doing so, recognizing the range of cultures that shape our world. See more ideas about montessori geography, asia, asia continent. Teaching the Middle East: A Resource for Educators was created by the Oriental Institute, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and eCUIP, Digital Library Project with high school and college World History teachers in mind. -BrainPop (culture webquests) Developing cultural awareness about the Middle East is an ongoing process that takes patience, but can also reap rich rewards. This resource includes a full, 15-page packet of information, graphic organizers, and templates, and a rubric necessary for students to research, take notes, and write an essay about a history and culture topic of the regions of The Middle East. Learn a few useful and polite phrases in Arabic and you’ll soon be making friends with the warmest and most welcoming people in the world. The Middle East Power Point Three - Conflicts and the Middle East Today. -BrainPop This post is part of the series: Cultural Studies for Middle School. Nogawa Park; STI Gallery; Osawa Hachiman Shrine; Nogawa Park Nature Observation Garden; Ten Shrine; Kasamori Inari Shrine; Jindai Botanical Park; Musashino Park; Ghibli Museum Mitaka; Ryugenji Temple; Jindai-ji Temple; National Astronomical Observatory of Japan; Shinguruma; Chokyu-ji Temple; Tokyo Metropolitan Koganei Park Pandemic tests the endurance of Middle East’s cultural industry As the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on a global scale, one area that has … The most populous Middle Eastern countries are Turkey, Egypt, and Iran, each with more than 50 million people. In contrast, in much of the Middle East, cultural synthesis is equated with treason. Things to do near The Middle Eastern Culture Center. This lack of knowledge hurts our ability to understand, and engage in intelligent discussion about, current events. Middle Eastern religion - Middle Eastern religion - Religious practices and institutions: Fertility of agriculture, of edible animals, and of the human population was a paramount factor in the life and religion of the ancient Middle East. In the U.S., tourists … By Daniel Miessler in Culture Created/Updated: February 4, 2019 . Influenced by local culture and environment, traditional games can teach us about a country’s people, language, geography, climate,and more. The fertile regions are very densely settled; many others are only lightly populated; while others, particularly in the deserts, are completely empty of human life. The Middle East is home to many people who follow faiths besides Islam. The Middle East lessons. Middle East Quiz. The Middle East is an extraordinarily diverse part of the world. This demonstrates areas of shared cultural values and breaks. The website features several "learn more" buttons that send them to more informational videos and sites, including Brain, The following is a 20 slide PPT which teaches students about the culture of the Middle East. Topics covered in this PPT ar, This lesson illustrates Arab cultural values with a focus on the Arab view of wisdom, honor, and what it means to be a good person. The Middle East has a population of about 246 million, or nearly as many people as the United States. Another characteristic that distinguishes Middle Eastern management communication style from that of the West is related to the perception of time and space. Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites & 4x4, quad and ATV trips +3 more Accommodation Hotel, Camping, Sleeper Train, Tent & Resort Transport Boat, Flight, Train, Private Vehicle, 4WD Jeep & Bus A three week lesson. The Persian Gulf states of Bahrain and Qatar have the smallest … Includes a unit/lesson plan, student-centered activities, learning centers, online interactives, all student materials, and more.Unit covers the physical geography of the Middle Ea Outdoor Activities Dubai Desert: Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Dinner Travel by 4x4 across the deserts of Dubai on this exhilarating 6-hour excursion! -YouTube (both webquests) Middle East Maps & Printables (Y,M) From Enchanted Learning. Students will use QR codes to learn about a variety of countries in the Middle East and North Africa and their culture. For Individual Countries, please see the Country Index. Get free icons of Middle eastern culture in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. -Internet (both webquests) Learn or review dining etiquette for Middle East. All QR codes are linked to easy to read websites for students! Most notable among them are the churches of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Copts and other adherents of Oriental Orthodoxy, Maronites, Melkites other Catholics of the Eastern Rites as well as the Roman Rite, Zoroastrians, Baháʼís, and various Jewish denominations.. Topics for include, among others, mealtimes and typical food, national drinks, toasts, table manners, tipping etiquette, business lunch etiquette, host etiquette, guest etiquette, regional differences, dining etiquette in the home, and dining etiquette at a restaurant. This curricular resource can help. Things to Do in Middle East, World: See Tripadvisor's 1,494,958 traveler reviews and photos of Middle East tourist attractions. Middle East Cluster for 11th and 12th Grade. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. To be successful, students need access to: Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Essay about Islam: The Rich Culture of the Middle East 936 Words | 4 Pages. Students will have to "check-in" periodically with the teacher using their latitude and longitude skills! -YouTube TeachersFirst's Middle East Interactive Activities. The Middle East has been an important source of musical instruments for other parts of the world. In this unit, students learn how to conduct reliable r. This has many many pictures and only a few words. Middle Eastern countries have a primarily polychronic work style, they usually engage in multiple activities and goals at the same time. Schools and communities must work together to counter Islamophobia, bullying and hate in all its forms. When I visited Dubai in January, it was a pleasant 80 degrees. Watch how the locals dress, greet each other and follow suit. Dress Modestly. This includes information regarding the culture of the Middle East and North Africa. Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Quiz by hkw5.

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